Luca Turilli’s debut piano album entitled EARTHRISE will be released in 2024 and will be anticipated by the release of several singles. Its music will be deeply inspired by the natural wonders of our planet, the most intimate aspects of existence and his personal experience in the field of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Titles like Aqua, Earthrise, Asia, Murmure du Printemps and many others, will present the extreme range of colors and variety of dynamics in Luca’s piano creations and his unique and very personal approach to the instrument. The album will also include a few re-arranged covers, while some additional titles will represent the original piano compositions from which Luca extracted some parts that were already used for a few of his recent bands and projects.    

Luca Turilli explains: “For me, this is the realization of a true artistic dream. At this point of my life, feeling the need to explore the most intimate aspects of human nature and that complex emotional journey towards the essence of life beyond the shape of all things, the piano is my best companion and the perfect modern story-teller. That’s why the release of my debut album EARTHRISE will also coincide with the beginning of a constant online activity dedicated to my beloved instrument. No metronome, no rules… just closed eyes, the ivory keys at the service of heart and soul and the deepest flow of emotions for a welcomed and inspiring shift of consciousness.

To discover more about Luca Turilli’s piano activity and to see the titles of EARTHRISE performed by him, go to his recently launched official Youtube channel.

The sheet music of every piano composition released by Luca Turilli will be available for purchase through his Patreon digital shop.