Luca Turilli is an internationally recognized composer, songwriter, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Considering music as his true oxygen and being a creative in need of continuous artistic stimulations, he is constantly engaged in various projects and multiple musical genres, ranging from the modern piano compositions of his upcoming debut piano album EARTHRISE to the intense pop/rock of his current productions.

Regarded as an innovator by a whole generation of musicians, in most of his compositions he always likes to blend different musical styles together. As a player, his personal approach to every instrument incorporates innovative aspects that make his playing style distinctive and original. Dolby and Yamaha have chosen his music and his orchestral and cinematic arrangements to showcase the Dolby Atmos systems globally. His albums have entered the charts in Europe, Asia and South America, selling more than one million physical copies.

Always fascinated by the natural landscapes of our planet, the mysteries of the universe and the spiritual aspect of existence, Luca’s other primary interests are science, psychology and metaphysics. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years and what he discovered and experienced thanks to those disciplines is having a fundamental impact on his music and lyrics, and is deeply interconnected with his artistic and professional activities.

Deeply inspired by the intense and emotional music of the greatest Romantic and Late / Post-Romantic composers such as Chopin and Scriabin and contemporary artists such as Ludovico EinaudiYann TiersenYiruma and Philip Glass, he entered the modern piano world, with the intention of offering a creative approach and an innovative perspective to modern piano playing.

Through his piano activity and compositions, occasionally enriched by additional acoustic instruments, film score music, and world music elements, Luca presents the distinctive piano playing style he has developed, influenced by his own guitar playing too.

He is the founder of the MODERN PIANO ACADEMY , a comprehensive online modern piano course for piano and keyboard players of all levels, personally developed and led by himself.